Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New low for the NY Times

Despite all the articles that have carried Judith Miller's byline, this article on the "man date" may be the most idiotic thing that's ever appeared in the NY Times. Apparently, some reporter got it in her head that men who are friends may experience homosexual panic when seen together in public, and she decided to exploit this by a) christening it a "man date" and b) writing about straight men who hang out with nary a potential sexual conquest in sight in an absurdly lurid tone.

When women go to dinner together, do they call it a "woman date"? Is the only purpose of leaving the house or talking to another human being merely to get laid? More importantly, why is the most important newpaper in the country printing an article that stigmatizes homosexual men and inflames homosexual panic in straight men? D.U.M.B.


Blogger JBJ said...

What the hell kind of a name is Jennifer 8. Lee?

I do believe men have a harder time making friends or maintaining friendships with other men as we get older. But the "uh-oh people will think we're gay" angle is juvenile.

April 13, 2005 1:33 PM  
Blogger Adam Lipscomb said...

Well, damn! You mean I can't insist my friends give me a quick blowjob in the car when we go out for beer and hot wings now?

April 18, 2005 8:17 PM  
Blogger Alyssa said...

Jenny 8 is deeply despised by Gawker - which I normally wouldn't care about. But I recognized her name from their articles about her. Apparently her specialtiy is crappy pseduo-psych trends.

I liked the article for no other reason than I think if you read this and go "pah, whatever - freaks" you will support the idea of the Man Bag.

My platform is a simple one - manbags for all men. If you want one. Don't be afraid - haven't you seen Serpico? Pacino is working the man clutch.

April 20, 2005 8:26 PM  
Blogger Andy Axel said...


Any institution which counts David Brooks as an employee can't be long before debasing itself intellectually once again.

But you're right, this is pretty low, even by the dimming standards of the "paper of record."

April 20, 2005 11:40 PM  
Blogger dh100 said...

By the Times' asinine "reasoning" in their article, My Dinner With Andre would qualify as a "man date."

April 22, 2005 7:19 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

I guess the contemporary equivalent of "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce" is "Ideas that didn't quite make it as 'Seinfeld' episodes come back as New York Times 'Lifestyle' pieces."

April 22, 2005 8:20 AM  

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